WR 255 Series Motor

WR 255 Series Motor

The WR Series motor incorporates the latest advances for smooth performance, efficiency and durability. It features an optimized Roller Stator® geometry with seven precision rollers to eliminate sliding friction and provide rolling contact between the rotor and stator. This increases motor efficiency. A three-zone spool valve, integral check valves and a provision for a case drain reduce pressure on internal seals to improve product life. A wide variety of mounting, shaft, motor displacement and porting options are available to meet all application needs.

  • Displacements: 2.5-24.6 cid (40-404 cc)

  • Max Speed: 1120 rpm

  • Max Flow: 16 gpm (61 lpm)

  • Max Torque: 5,805 lb-in (66,0 daNm)

  • Max Pressure: 2,500 psi (172 bar)

  • *Specs are listed as continuous ratings. The pdf catalog will list intermittent and peak performance data.*

  • Mounting Options: 4

  • Output Shaft Options: 12

  • Porting Options: 4

Typical Applications

The light weight wheel drives, positioners, conveyors, swing drives, feed rollers, screw drives and spinners