WD 145 Series Motor

WD 145 Series Motor

The WD motor series is an economical solution for medium duty applications requires high torque. It has smaller outline yet still provides high efficiency across a wide performance range. Its integral check valves and a provision for a case drain reduce pressure on internal seals to improve product life.

  • Displacements: 1.5-23.7 cid (24-386 cc)

  • Max Speed: 1361 rpm

  • Max Flow: 16 gpm (61 lpm)

  • Max Torque: 4,248 lb-in (480 Nm)

  • Max Pressure: 2,000 psi (138 bar)

  • *Specs are listed as continuous ratings. The pdf catalog will list intermittent and peak performance data.*

  • Mounting Options: 2

  • Output Shaft Options: 11

  • Porting Options: 4

Typical Applications

The compact package is suitable for industrial and mobile applications including car wash brushes, food processing equipment, conveyors, machine tools, agricultural equipment, sweepers, skid steer attachments, and more.