DR 600 Series Motor

DR 600 Series Motor

Due to its case drain design, the DR Series motor is an excellent medium size motor for applications with high- duty cycles or frequent direction reversal. The case drain design produces a number of benefits including reduction of pressure on the shaft seal and the ability to provide a cooling loop for the system. The case flow also lubricates the vital drive components, extending motor life. An internal drain option is also available. A laminated manifold and three-zone orbiting valve are used to produce higher overall efficiencies and more usable power. A steel faced seal in the orbiting valve also reduces the risk of the seal extruding or melting, which is possible in competitive designs.

  • Displacements: 12.4-45.6 cid (204-748 cc)

  • Max Speed: 470 rpm

  • Max Flow: 25 gpm (95 lpm)

  • Max Torque: 9,800 lb-in (110,7 daNm)

  • Max Pressure: 3,000 psi (207 bar)

  • *Specs are listed as continuous ratings. The pdf catalog will list intermittent and peak performance data.*

  • Mounting Options: 4

  • Output Shaft Options: 17

  • Porting Options: 5

Typical Applications

medium duty wheel drives, broom drives, winch drives, augers, mixers and chippers