D9 800 Series Motor

D9 800 Series Motor

D9 Series motors are the newest and largest members of the White Drive Products product family. The product is capable of producing torque values comparable to competitive motors, but with an industry leading breadth of displacements and shaft and porting options. In addition, the product incorporates innovative technological advances including dual tapered roller bearings, which improve load carrying capability and a dual lipped Teflon shaft seal that improves seal life at higher operating pressures. The motor is designed for use with a case-drain, which reduces pressure on the shaft seal and maintains lubrication to internal drive components, maximizing motor life. The series is available with industry standard mounting flanges found throughout the global market place.

  • Displacements: 15.6-62.7cid (256-1027cc)

  • Max Speed: 550 rpm

  • Max Flow: 54 gpm (204 lpm)

  • Max Torque: 20,265 lb-in (229,0 daNm)

  • Max Pressure: 3,000 psi (207 bar)

  • *Specs are listed as continuous ratings. The pdf catalog will list intermittent and peak performance data.*

  • Mounting Options: 3

  • Output Shaft Options: 11

  • Porting Options: 4

Typical Applications

construction machinery, agricultural machinery and associated attachments.