DT 710 Series Brakes

DT 710 Series Brakes

The most amazing aspect of the DT Series motor is its huge torque potential from its relatively small size. The DT Series motor is capable of producing output torque comparable to competitive designs, but from a package that is both shorter and lighter. The savings in space and weight in no way compromises durability, as the motor uses massive shafts, bearings and drive links to transmit the torque produced by this powerful package. The use of a case drain allows reduced pressure on the shaft seal while maintaining driveline lubrication for maximum motor life. Standard mounting and shaft options offer interchangeability with competitive designs. An internal drain option is also available.

  • Displacements:

  • Max Speed:

  • Max Flow:

  • Max Torque:

  • Max Pressure:

  • *Specs are listed as continuous ratings. The pdf catalog will list intermittent and peak performance data.*

  • Mounting Options:

  • Output Shaft Options:

  • Porting Options:

Typical Applications